About Us

Our History

The Ames Branch of the NAACP was incorporated in 1993. The purposes and aims of the Branch are consistent with the National Association – to improve the political, educational, social and economic status of minority groups; to eliminate racial prejudice; to keep the public aware of the adverse effects of racial discrimination; and to take lawful action to secure its elimination, consistent with the efforts of the national organization and in conformity with the Articles of Incorporation of the Association, its Constitution and By-Laws and as directed by the National Board of Directors.

The first monthly meeting of the Ames Branch of the NAACP was held on November 29, 1994. The application for charter was presented at this meeting and the first slate of officers was elected. Officers included Edna Y.  Clinton, President: Dr. George A. Jackson, First Vice President; Myron Samuels, Secretary; and Shirley Barnes, Treasurer. Dr. Jackson became president in later part of 1995.

The first Freedom Fund Banquet was held in 1996, and the event was held yearly through 2009. During the Banquets, the organization brought in nationally-recognized speakers and awarded student scholarships. The organization was reactivated in 2011, and the Freedom Fund Banquet was reinstituted in 2012 under Edna Y. Clinton, who serves as President. During her tenure the Branch has been active in the state and community, hosting conversations between community members and the local police, being involved with the local school district, meeting with the Governor as it relates to prisoners and voting rights, and hosting events in cooperation with the Ames Public Library.